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Our method

We believe that tango should be taught simultaneously in all its facets:

The communication with the partner, the musicality, the technique, the movements, the logic of the structure, the culture, the history and the social context. All these facets integrate a totality: Tango.

Our method is integral.


The embrace is the starting point of communication between the two dancers, and that is inevitably in constant search. We believe in the flexibility of it to be functional to the movements we choose to express the music. The choice of movements depends very much on our body training. It’s because during the class we perform exercises of technical and musical character, to integrate new movements to our muscular memory.

Movements and
dance structure

Being an improvisational dance we need to learn the rules and structures that will help us to express our personality in the dance and in the music.

The structure is the logical part of the tango dance, without structure you cannot build a solid dance. 

Imagine a building without a good solid foundation, it is dangerous, it can collapse and will never reach the top of the sky. 

In tango dancing the same thing happens, a good solid base helps your level to follow only one direction: the top.

The objective is to build in our body and mind, the technique, structure and philosophy of tango to be able to use them in your tango path.


Tango Music

Tango dance can not exist without tango music, they are intrinsically related. We will always teach you the movements within the music. We also provide special courses about the musicality of each orchestra and how to interpret it from the dance.

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