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Thought about Hiroshima ☮️

We had a wonderful time in Hiroshima, immersed in our passion for dancing and teaching.

After an exciting weekend of lessons and milongas, we took a couple of days off for sightseeing and to learn about Hiroshima. The first night we had fun doing Hanami (a picnic under cherry blossom trees) and enjoyed drinking tea with fruit by the river.

We visited the Hiroshima Castle, ate okonomiyaki, went to the Rabbit Island (which took us almost 2 hours to drive and take a ferry to get to), and had fun feeding wild rabbits.

Finally, we visited the A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima

Memorial Park, and Peace Memorial Museum, which left us shocked and distressed. We had to take some time sitting under a Sakura tree by the Motoyasu River to digest everything we saw and felt in order to turn it into something positive.

The importance of peace around the world isn’t something we should take for granted.

On the contrary, we should work with little actions every day to spread peace. 🫂

We strongly believe that Tango dance can be a tool to help achieve inner peace and share it with others.

During World War II, Argentina was a hub of artistic activity, with the golden era of Tango and legendary orchestras such as Pugliese and Darienzo composing many beautiful pieces.

In August 1945, the month in which the atomic bombing of Hiroshima occurred, Osvaldo Pugliese composed the tango "Por qué?" (also known as "Por qué motivo"), which deals with the pain and anguish of a person who has been abandoned by their lover.

Although the lyrics of the tango do not directly refer to the tragedy of Hiroshima, it has been speculated that the title "Por qué?" may have been a rhetorical question about the causes and consequences of war.

The tango "Por qué?" is considered one of the most emotional and touching works of Pugliese's career.

We invite you to take a moment to listen to this beautiful tango and let its melody transport you to a time of intense emotion and reflection.

Wishing you peace and hope for a better world.

Link to lodge Porque? by Pugliese:

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Your afterthoughts about Hiroshima’s catastrophic atom bomb dropping was relatable. Thank you for sharing. Here is to Love, Peace and Tango!

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